How Often Should I Replace My Washing Machine Hoses?

Many homeowners are unaware that the rubber washing machine hoses that are supplied with your new washing machine may not be CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved. According to insurance industry statistics, the number one cause of homeowner claims is burst washing machine hoses. Burst washing machine hoses can very quickly damage furnishings, floor coverings, and keepsakes resulting in a major catastrophe.

Examine Your Washing Machine Hoses

We recommend to our clients that they examine their washing machine hoses on a regular basis and keep a record of the date of those inspections. If your current washing machine hoses are of the black rubber type and they appear old and brittle or show any signs of bulges or blisters, then the hoses should be replaced immediately. You would also want to check to see if the hose connections are secure, including the drain hose, and ensure that there is at least four inches of space between the wall and the back of the washing machine to reduce the risk of kinking the hoses. These black rubber hoses should be replaced every 5 years.

Use CSA Approved Washing Machine Hoses

There is a better quality of washing machine hose on the market and we at Safari Plumbing choose to only carry these premium quality “No Burst” hoses. These metallic, flexible, and reinforced hoses are CSA approved, are much sturdier, and less likely to break over long periods than the less expensive rubber washing machine hoses. They may cost more but their longer lifespan makes up for their higher cost. Even these premium washing machine hoses will still have to be eventually replaced but that should be in about 10 years. It is important that when replacing these types of hoses you do not kink them as there is a greater potential for kinking with these types of hoses than with the black rubber hoses.

No matter what type of washing machine hose you currently have please check it now. A few minutes of your time today could save you from a catastrophic flood tomorrow.

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