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Plumbers Are Vital for Protecting Your Family From Unclean Water

Plumbers are true heroes of the contracting world when it comes to ensuring public health. A plumbing expert can evaluate your home’s plumbing needs and recommend low-flow fixtures and filters that can protect you and the environment. The tighter, newer and more modern your fixtures and appliances are, the less likely you are to suffer issues due to unclean water.

New fixtures with filters tend to leak less and turn all the way off without a lot of effort, sparing you and your family the irritating noise and financial cost of a dripping tap. New low-flow appliances and fixtures also help reduce your overall plumbing costs, while providing you with clean water.

Health Issues Associated With Plumbing Problems

Aside from causing your home to become wet, warped and possibly structurally unsound, your family can experience health issues due to lack of plumbing maintenance. Here are some ways that plumbers bring safe water for all.

Stomach Pain1. Pipes that are well maintained and do not leak prevent the possibility of toxic molds and fungus from growing behind your walls, near the toilet and under your sinks.

2. Plumbers can help prevent your interior and exterior walls from sweating due to condensation, thus preventing the growth of all kinds of molds and fungi.

3. Leaky pipes can cause moisture to build up in air conditioners, which causes the bacteria and mold spores to be blown into your home where they are inhaled.

Note that if you do notice black mold in your home that it is a good idea to move out temporarily and get a professional mold removal team into your home to fix it immediately. Breathing in toxic black mold can cause a respiratory illness that is fatal.

There are also indirect health hazards associated with faulty plumbing. Leaking pipes can cause walls and floors to become so moist that they collapse. Pooling water inside your structure can also attract mosquitoes, raccoons and other pests that cause disease.

Water Conservation Reduces the Risk of Leaks

Water ConservationOne question that professional plumbers in Ottawa, ON are frequently asked is “How can we aid plumbers by practicing proper water conversation?”

The first thing that a professional plumber will tell you is to replace all of your fixtures and appliances with a low-flow version such as low-flow toilets, and water-conserving shower-heads.

Replacing all of your fixtures also ensures that your entire plumbing infrastructure is working efficiently and that nothing is dripping and causing black mold or fungus to proliferate behind your walls.

It also helps to keep any appliance that used quite often, such as the lawn sprinkler on a timer and that you fill your dishwasher and laundry machine to capacity before washing a load. Better yet, don’t water your lawn at all. Instead, collect water in rain barrels from your eavestroughs and use that instead.

You can also save gallons of water by turning off the shower water when washing and conditioning your hair and turning off the tap while you are brushing your teeth. This is one way that the individual can practice personal water conservation.

If your pipes or faucets do start leaking or dripping, call a plumber right away. Note that the less water you use, the less likely you are to wear out your home’s pipes and spring a leak.