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Find Out Information About the History of Indoor Plumbing

Modern bathroom with orange shower tilesModern plumbing entails a series of intricate components and systems of pipes that effectively supply water to your home and safely remove wastewater. But did you know that today’s system has come a long way?

While these are some things most people take for granted, you’ll be surprised to learn that without these systems, your life would never be the same. Here is a brief history of indoor plumbing:

Early Years of Indoor Plumbing

The first evidence of drainage and sewage systems was discovered in Indus Valley, which is in India. At around 1700 BC. The Minoans in Greece constructed water supply and sanitary systems.

They used clay tubes covered with glass as a way to distribute water and get rid of waste. Also, they had a canal and a toilet wash to flood a storm sewer.

Roman and Egyptian Contribution to Plumbing

Ancient fountainBack in 2500 B.C., the Egyptians constructed an elaborate system of canals, sluices, and dikes to change the course of the Nile. They also had to dig through 400 feet of rock to access water.

The Egyptians also had drainage systems in the tombs, as they believed that the dead needed the same amenities just like the living. A brass drainpipe was also discovered in the pyramid temple that connected the temple to the Nile.

The first Roman plumbing system was built in 312 BC. They had private toilets, sewage, and public toilets. The system was meant for wastewater disposal as well as distribute and supply water.

Over the years, the Romans built hundreds of waterworks, and they were built throughout the empire. The Cloaca Maxima is one of the most famous and biggest water and sewer system that is being used today.

The Roman’s obsession with building their baths made the plumbing profession. The Roman word plumbarius is translated into "plumber," a common term we use today. Although the Roman Empire collapsed, it contributed to our modern-day plumbing systems.

Modern Advances in Plumbing

· Toilets

Back in the day, toilets were made of a wooden seat, and you had to manually empty the bowl and clean it. However, with technology, you can now find rimless back to wall toilets that can automatically flush themselves.

Some are fitted with manual sensors that respond to your every action such as closing the lid or flushing the toilet.

· Freestanding Tubs

Whether you’re looking for a modern soaking tub or a vintage claw foot, freestanding tubs are a must-have. Perfect for those with plenty of space, these tubs are stylish and comfortable compared to old tubs that had a bathroom next to them.

· Smart Showers

Nothing beats the sound of cool music in your shower. Thanks to technology, you can now listen to your favorite music at the touch of a button. What’s more, you can also determine what water pressure and temperature suit you best. All you need is to adjust the settings on a panel and save them for a later day.

Having known these facts about plumbing, you can now be grateful for the plumbing systems you have at home. In case of any plumbing problems or you’re looking to incorporate these modern fixtures into your bathroom, speak to a professional plumbing company in Ottawa, ON.