water leaking from large pipe

Look Out For These 4 Common Reasons For Water Leaks In The Home

The simpler something is, the longer it tends to last and the better it tends to work. The water or drainage pipe is a perfect example of this. It has no moving parts, does not perform any mechanical functions itself, and its only job is to just literally “sit there,” and either carry drinking water pumped into taps and tubs, or carry used drain water away from sinks and toilets.

So it’s hard to imagine anything going wrong with such a simple, technology, but things can! A leak is your warning that a small problem is occurring that, left unchecked, can turn into a bigger plumbing issue. But good water leak detection can help you keep an eye out for four common causes.

Old Pipes

Older PipesOttawa has a lot of old homes, some of which still have the original fixtures within them, including plumbing.

But time can eventually do what no physical force can, and, given decades, even pipes may simply weaken due to all those years spent carrying water.

People that live in older, Victorian homes may still have the original cast iron drainage pipes in use in their homes.

Such homes may have iron pipes 100 years old or more! Metal fatigue in such cases is a very real possibility, leading to breaks and leaks!

Rust Or Corrosion

corrosion and rust in pipesSimilar to the problem of age, you may need water leak repair to your pipe if it weakens due to chemical interactions.

Rust is something that can happen to metals if certain chemicals in the water react and oxidize the metal. Rust isn’t just for show; it weakens the metal and can lead to leaks.

Then there’s corrosion, which is when a substance actually dissolves. Even modern PVC plastic pipes can corrode if a homeowner goes overboard with drain cleaning products. Drain cleaners, by design, have highly corrosive chemicals mixed in, so when you use too much, you may be corroding your own pipes!

Water Pressure

water pressure gaugeSome people can’t get through the day without an energizing shower at high pressure. Unfortunately, some homeowners achieve this by increasing the water pressure throughout the entire home.

This puts undue stress on all the water pipes, every day, all year long, and can eventually lead to breaks and leaks. An easy way to avoid this is to make sure water pressure is within recommended tolerance levels.

Just get a showerhead that pressurizes water at the “exit point” instead of putting your entire plumbing system under high pressure for the sake of one or two water outlets.

Water Chemistry

Water Quality testingHomeowners won’t have a lot of control over this issue, as water comes directly from city supplies, so what you get is what you get. However, if the quality of the water can, over time, also have an effect on the condition of pipes.

Things like pH level, calcium and mineral content, as well as other qualities, can all lead to possible defects that you’ll need water leak detection to find. If you find a leak in your Ottawa, ON home, you should try to address it quickly.

Leaks on fixtures might be easily repaired with DIY methods, but leaks in pipes should be looked at by professionals who can assess what the exact cause is, and whether this is a symptom of a larger problem.