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3 Reasons You Should Invest in Automated Shower Plumbing

Over the last several years, as technology has advanced and taken on new roles in our society, the trend of having automated appliances and smart homes has exploded. People everywhere can speak to their televisions to change the channel, or tap a screen to set their shower to their ideal temperature.

While a smart home may make your life easier, shopping for smart appliances can be a little overwhelming, with so many options on the market. That’s why Safari Plumbing is here to make your search for automated shower plumbing easier!

It Will Complete Your Smart Home

smarthome graphicIf you want to turn your house into a smart home, it's easier than you think! All you have to do is choose what platform you like best for your home's "hub" (companies like Google and Amazon are popular for this) and fill your home with digital appliances that are compatible with it.

Once your devices are connected, you can control everything from your home security to the lights in your house, to the air and shower temperatures.

Yes, a smart home can even help you set your shower to the perfect temperature. In fact, everything in your bathroom, from the shower or bathtub, to your sink faucet, and even the toilet can be a part of your smart home.

Using a Digital Shower Just Once Will Change Your Life

pros and cons written on a white boardDigital showers come with a variety of features, so as long as you do your research, there's sure to be a perfect shower to fit your needs.

If you have limited space in your shower, for instance, you can choose a shower that is controlled by a flat panel mounted on the wall, either in the shower or on a wall outside the shower and eliminate the need for large faucet handles.

If you enjoy taking a warm bath from time to time, perhaps a 2-in-1 shower and tub, with the option to switch from tub fill to shower mode, is a perfect option for you. And if you are the kind of person who likes their shower at a precise temperature, you can find a shower that allows you to set your shower to the desired temperature, so that it's ready to go whenever you're ready to jump in.

You Deserve a Luxury Shower Head

showerheadTo turn your shower into a soothing, spa-like experience, replace your conventional shower head with a digital one that is equipped with a built-in speaker and LED lights for chromotherapy.

Adjustable body sprayers, or tile showerheads, are an excellent choice for people who suffer from recurring injuries or sore muscles. These automated shower heads can be programmed to move over your body throughout your shower, or you can set them to point directly at specific areas of your body that may need extra pressure (like those sore muscles).

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