Plumber working on a faucet

Put An End To Water Leaks In Your Home

There is no question that plumbing leaks can cause major damage to your home’s décor and structure as well as to your belongings.

Not only is cleaning up and conducting repairs after water leaks expensive, you also risk ruining some of your most prized possession.

Why run the risk? Don’t leave the protection of your Ottawa, ON home against water leaks up to chance. Here is what you need to do.

Avoid Problems with Pipe Corrosion

Pipe CorrosionOne of the biggest threats to cause leaks in your plumbing is corrosion. This occurs when your piping material interacts with the mineral deposits in your water.

If your water is really hot, this can make it worse, because that is a positive environment for corrosion (which is a good reason to keep your water temperature lower).

You can help to prevent this by changing your pipes to PVC, which will stand up much better to corrosion than copper pipes.

Copper ages more quickly too and will produce more leaks.

Deal With the Water Pressure

Low Water PressureWhen you go to the doctor, he takes your blood pressure to make sure that you are in good health.

Take your plumbing system’s water pressure to ensure that it is in good health. If it is too high (i.e., over 60 psi), with the help of your plumber install a water pressure regulator.

When your pressure is too high, your plumbing, including your pipes and your fixtures take a beating and eventually spring leaks.

Become a Water Leak Detective

plumber working under a sinkOne of the best ways to protect your home from leaks is to find small leaks before they have a chance to do any serious damage. Inspect all of your pipes for moisture.

Don’t forget to go outside and check hose bibs, which leak often. Check all of your fixtures. Make sure that there aren’t any leaks around appliances that use water, like your washing machine, dishwasher or fridge (if you have an icemaker).

You’ll see water damage on the floor and walls nearby. Pull them out from the wall so that you can get a good look.

Drain Clog Removal the Right Way

Chemical Clog RemoverDrain clogs usually appear when completely inconvenient, which means that you feel like doing whatever is necessary at the moment to get rid of them.

However, avoid using commercial drain cleaners. They are meant to attack the clogs, but they attack your pipes too and cause leaks.

You can help to greatly diminish the likelihood of ever having to deal with this headache by following a few simple preventative maintenance techniques.