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Expert Water Conservation Tips to Keep Your Water Bill from Rising

Extreme weather conditions and pollution in the river have helped escalate the cost of water in Ottawa, ON, simply because the operation of the infrastructure to manage these situations requires a great deal more maintenance.

If you are facing rising costs on your water bill, you will be glad to know that there are ways of reducing it by practicing the principles of conservation and recycling water.

Another approach is not to use the water that is on your property and to shower at the gym, buy bottled water, and also collect rainwater in rain barrels. This works because every time you turn on a tap, you are being charged for water use.

Wash Your Car on Your Lawn? Or At the Car Wash?

Car WashSummers are hot and dusty, and winters are cold and mucky in Ottawa, which means that automobiles need to be washed all of the time.

However, if you want to save money on water, you might want to forget washing your car often, especially if you are washing it often as that is one way to rack up a very high water bill. Washing your own car is also a waste of water that pollutes the environment, especially if it is tainted with road salt.

Your best bet, in terms of both cost and being environmentally friendly, is to take your car to an automated car wash where it is washed for about twenty bucks. Car washes also use recycled water and make sure that it is disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment.

Use Greywater to Water Your Garden

Watering PlantsGreywater is the rinse water that is leftover from all kinds of washing and bathing and it can be recycled manually by collecting it in pails from sinks or laundry hoses.

It can then be taken outside and used to water the yard and garden. However, you can also hire a plumber to hook hoses up to your appliances and sink so that the water can flow into basins or soaker hoses that are located outside.

Stop Taking Baths and Take Showers Instead

Shower headShowering instead of bathing should be The Golden Rule in your home because showering for about 8 minutes uses up 80% less water than a filled bathtub.

For additional savings have a plumber install a low-flow showerhead and motion-sensor activated faucet that only turns on when the person is near it.

This allows you to turn off the shower to shave or shampoo by simply stepping away from it. You can then rinse off by stepping in front of it again as the sensor in the unit detects your presence again.

Keep Up With All General Plumbing Maintenance

Water LeakIt is best to call a plumber before accidents happen because when it comes to preventing leaks, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A burst pipe or constant drip from a faucet can add thousands to your water bill. Not only can your plumber find those leaks and fix them for you, he can also recommend low-flow fixtures, water-heating recycling systems and other upgrades that will help sustain your water conservation and recycling efforts over the long term.