Do you think you could survive without a modernĀ plumbing system? Imagine how it would be to go through one day without running hot water or an easy method to eliminate waste. Plumbing in this era is a hugely relied upon part of our lives.

Unless you want your plumbing system to break down more frequently than it should, homeowners need to learn how to take care of their system. All it takes is a few small measures to ensure your plumbing runs smoothly for a long period of time. Here are a few minor changes you should make to help with maintenance.

Find a Hair Screen for Your Shower

drain clogged with hairClogs are a real threat to your plumbing system, and one place where they happen most is in your bathroom. Hair detaches from our bodies and flows into the drain during showers and when we shave. It can build up and create blockages, which could lead to water leaks and burst pipes.

The best way of preventing hair from being flushed away is by using a hair screen. It's a device designed to trap hairs before they can enter your plumbing, and it is effective at stopping clogs.

Be Wary of Water Pressure

Water pressure gaugeHigh water pressure and plumbing don't mix very well. Increased pressure puts stress on plumbing components, which can lead to them breaking down.

Homeowners who are concerned about water pressure levels can assess their pipes using a measurement device from their local hardware store. If the pressure reading is above 85 psi, you may be in trouble.

Call a plumber and find out ways you can decrease your home's water pressure. For those who own any low-flow plumbing components, it's important to remember these devices won't affect water pressure, only the amount of water that comes out.

Buy a Strainer for Your Kitchen Sink

water spiraling down the drainClogs also commonly form in kitchens. Debris, such as food particles, are often flushed down the sink during washing. These bits of food can build up over time and create clogs.

A wonderful and easy way of stopping this from occurring is by getting a sink strainer for your kitchen sink. It sits atop the drain and captures any large pieces of debris before they enter your plumbing system. Cleanup is easy, and your plumbing system will thank you.

Something homeowners should know is that when you're cleaning up after preparing a meal, any grease or oil used cannot be disposed of down your sink's drains. These substances may be liquid while hot but can become solid inside drains once they cool down.

Comply with Local Plumbing Laws

Man looking at a sign that says "requirements"Every city and town has laws discussing the plumbing components in your home.

Such rules are put in place to give people easy access to water and guidelines by which to maintain their plumbing systems.

Check with Ottawa, ON municipal services to see how your city's laws affect your plumbing system.