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Plumbing Permit Tips You Can Count On

Have you been looking forward to starting a new plumbing project for your home? Planning to give your home a facelift can be quite exciting. Every remodeling project presents an opportunity to boost your quality of life and feel a sense of accomplishment after a job well done.

Before you begin, however, you may want to learn about plumbing permits and why they're key to every project. We want to offer guidance when it comes to city plumbing permits and their actual purpose. Here's some crucial information you need to know.

How Does a Plumbing Permit Protect Me?

Cartoon men holding briefcases and talkingPlumbing permits, while seemingly a nuisance, are actually geared toward protecting homeowners. Applying for a permit puts you on the right track when it comes to gaining approval from municipal reviewers and inspectors for different stages of your proposed project.

They will ensure everything complies with local plumbing codes and zoning laws. Plumbing permits can also be shown as proof of compliance with sanitary and safety concerns. This may include potential issues with property lines.

Homeowners who are aren't carrying the proper permits may be penalized with a fine. There may also be complications if you try to sell your home. Most importantly, however, by not carrying a permit you may unwittingly start a project without any assurance it meets code and minimum safety requirements.

When Do You Need a Plumbing Permit?

woman with a sign that says "if not now, when?"More often than not, plumbing permit requirements are based on the size of the project. If you're performing a relatively simple task, such as replacing a toilet, there's no need to apply for a permit.

When it comes to projects that greatly impact your home's plumbing system, it's likely you need to have a permit. Projects that typically require a permit include repiping, drain line replacements, sewer line replacements, water heater installations and anything to do with relocating plumbing.

Another thing homeowners should be aware of is permit requirements may be different in each city. Some ask for permits to perform particular jobs while others do not. It's best to check with Ottawa, ON municipal regulations before proceeding.

How Much Does a Plumbing Permit Cost?

Yellow road sign that says "how much?"Different cities charge different fees depending on the nature of the project and the type of building you're working on. Local governments normally charge between tens and hundreds of dollars for each permit.

They may change the price depending on how many fixtures you want to install while others offer packages, which charge more for installing items beyond the threshold.

Some cities may even charge an application fee. If you're ever confused and need a hand with permits, you can always ask a local Ottawa plumber for help.