four plumbers wearing hard hats

Plumbing Job Tips For Plumbers

If you are a professional plumber just starting your own business, three tips will help you thrive in the plumbing industry. When completing a plumbing call, the first three things you should always have on your mind are:

  1. Always take care to let your customers know you are here for them.
  2. Take care to protect yourself and the client from on-site dangers.
  3. Learn and apply skills and techniques while you work.

These three tips will help you build a stable plumbing business, as well as make you a better and more reliable plumber.

Practice Perfect Customer Service

plumber holding a tool boxThe word "perfect" can be a little intimidating, and you will very rarely have a plumbing job that goes "perfectly". You can, however, have a customer that is perfectly happy. How? By offering them perfect customer service.

Perfect customer service is no more or less than just being friendly, and listening to what it is your customer needs from you. Always be honest and fair when it comes to their plumbing. If you believe you can help them, do.

If you don’t think you are the right plumber for the job, help them find someone who is. A sustainable plumbing business is dependent on obtaining new customers and retaining old ones, so build a rapport with your customers that will make them want to call you again in the future and make it easy for them to refer you to their friends and family.

Always Wear Protective Gear

plumbing gear, like a hard hat, goggles, gloves, and a tool boxProtecting yourself and your staff at job sites is of the utmost importance. Primarily because you wouldn’t want yourself or anyone on your team to get hurt, and secondly because an accident on a plumbing job can set the project behind sometimes as much as a few weeks. Every accident is avoidable.

To avoid accidents as best you can, make sure that you and your team are dressed suitably for the job at hand, and are equipped with hard hats, protective glasses, gloves, and work boots. Make sure to keep job sites as neat as possible, and that you maintain communication with your team throughout the plumbing job.

Learn Useful On-The-Job Skills

bundle of ropeBeing open to learning new ways of doing things will always benefit you, in business and in life. If you are open to learning while on plumbing jobs, you just might discover how to complete the job faster, and at a lower cost to you!

Obviously, the longer you work in the industry, the more tricks, or "hacks", you'll pick up on. To get you started, here are a couple of industry favorites:

  • Use an ordinary piece of string to cut PVC pipe and avoid unnecessary digging.
  • Offset a threaded rod by putting it through the hole in the tail end of your fitted wrench, and bend the rod to where you need it.
  • Use the reamer on the back of your tubing cutter to mark where in the pipe you need to cut. It'll make cutting more efficient, and eliminate the need to carry around a marker.