Tile floor with water from a leak

How to Handle a Leaking Toilet, Worry-Free

You have enough going on in your life, what with bills and stress from work, and trying to maintain some kind of order in your home. The last thing in the world you need is for your toilet to spring a leak and add one more stress to your life. We get it!

That’s why we’ve put together some information about bathroom plumbing that can help you avoid the problem altogether. If you should find that you have a leaking toilet on your hands, or your toilet is running excess water, call the experts at Safari Plumbing for more assistance!

Check The Toilet Flapper

ToiletThe toilet flapper is always the prime suspect when it comes to running or leaking toilets.

The flapper is responsible for regulating how much water flows into the toilet when it flushes. Over time, the flapper can begin to wear out, creating a small gap that allows water to flow steadily.

Not only does constantly flowing water in your toilet results in that annoying running water sound, but it can also cause your water bill to rise dramatically!

If your toilet uses a rubber cap flapper, the rubber ring can wear out with time. If your flapper is looking to be in good condition but still leaking, it may be that the chain is too short or too long. Chains that are not the perfect length also present a problem for tank ball flappers.

If your toilet has a seat cap flapper, you may experience issues for a number of reasons. Seat disks are less common than other types of flappers because they can be disproportionately big for a standard toilet tank, and are therefore difficult to repair or adjust.

What’s The Deal With That Running Toilet?

"But I've already checked the flapper, and there's nothing wrong with it! What else could it be?!" Hold your horses- we're getting there.

Plumbing partsOther possible causes of a running toilet are:

  1. A fill valve that is in need of repair or that needs to be replaced.
  2. Overflow into the overflow tube due to a high water level in the tank. Remedying this particular problem is easy enough, and can be done merely by adjusting the water level.

Make Toilet Maintenance a Priority

man giving two thumbs upIf you prioritize proper toilet maintenance and regularly inspect the inner workings of your toilet, you can avoid the stress and worry of a leaking toilet in the first place. There are tons of tips and tricks out there to help you take proper care of your toilet.

The most important things to remember are to check your toilet flapper and other tank parts at least twice a year, flush only human waste and toilet paper down the drain, and contact a professional to handle any severe problems- don't try to do it yourself!

If you’ve got an ongoing problem with your toilet leaking, give Safari Plumbing a call at (613) 707-5466 for plumbing service in Ottawa. Did we forget one of your go-to toilet maintenance tips? Share it in the comments below for others to see!