Happy Mother's Day

Realizing The Tips Mom Gave You Were True!

Mothers are the world’s greatest blessing. Where would we even be without mom’s wisdom and guidance? How many times did she tell you not to run with your shoelaces untied, or that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all?

Spend time with your mom this Mother’s Day and let her know that her wisdom hasn’t been wasted on you. Do you remember her teaching you some of the following lessons? They are fully applicable to your plumbing system!

Wipe the Glassware!

woman waterWhen you were a kid, the last thing you wanted to do was stand in the kitchen drying glasses that could air-dry perfectly fine on their own.

You wiped them down as quickly as you could so you could get back outside to play with your friends before the sun went down.

Now that you have your own home, you’ve realized that mom was right. She always is! If you let your glassware air-dry, each piece will no doubt end up speckled with water spots. Those pesky spots can be tricky to remove; even the dishwasher doesn’t have the power to clean them off!

Did your mom teach you about all of the amazing ways you can use vinegar? If you’re continually battling hard water stains, try filling your kitchen sink with water (doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot) and add a couple of cups of regular vinegar. Then, place your glassware in the sink and let it soak for a few hours.

After they’ve soaked, rinse your dishes and wash them like normal. Without any scrubbing or abrading, the glassware should rinse clean. Hard water can leave buildup all over your home. If you’re interested in installing a water softener, contact our expert staff.

You Need to Take Shorter Showers!

water coming from a showerheadTaking a long, hot shower is one of the most relaxing things in the world. How annoying was it when your mom banged on the door and told you to get out?

Well, it turns out she wasn’t hurrying you along just because she needed to use the bathroom. Long, steamy showers may feel great while you’re in there, but they can strip a lot of moisture from your hair and skin.

Aside from that, shortening your showers will save money on your electric and water bills. Everyone likes to save money so try cutting just a few minutes off your shower time to lower your bill.

If everyone in your neighborhood shortened their showers by just a few minutes, think of how many gallons of water it would save! Your local wastewater treatment plant wouldn’t have to use as much energy purifying the water, and your neighborhood would be making a real, positive impact on the environment.

Don’t Use the Hose, Use the Rainwater!

bucket pouring water Did your mom keep a barrel outside to collect rainwater? If so, she did some excellent water conservation. Plus, she saved money! Using rainwater on your gardens, flowers, and houseplants is economically and environmentally savvy.

Rainwater is also useful for filling pools, squirt guns, and water balloons for your kids in the summer. They can have fun running amuck without costing you an extra penny! Your frugal mom would be so proud!

If you collect rainwater that drains off your roof, you’ll need to run it through a filtration system before using it for anything other than watering your plants. It’ll collect dust and dirt particles, plus whatever else may be hiding on your roof, so it isn’t safe to use for cooking or drinking without filtration.

If you’re like us, you’re still working on following all of mom’s wise lessons. No one can be as perfect as their mom, but it’s sure worth a try! This Mother’s Day call your mom and thank her for all of the valuable lessons she taught you that have helped you use less water and save more money.