Preparing For The Winter Season

Preparing For The Winter Season

As the temperature drops in Ottawa, it’s time to get prepared for a season that loves to stay for the next

few months. Winter! As you make changes to your lifestyle to deal with the cold, your house

should be prepared for the season as well. With our helpful tips, this will ensure your home is ready

for another winter season.

Winterizing your outdoor faucets.

Your outdoor faucet is especially vulnerable to the cold. Any water left in the pipes will expand once

frozen causing the pipes to leak or even burst. This can be prevented by detaching your garden hose,

closing the inside shut off valve and draining the faucet. Did you know that sometimes pipes and faucets

that have frozen and thawed may not leak until full water pressure is applied. This can result in a flood in

the spring.

Insulation and ventilation.

Ventilation and insulation are important for your home. It can reduce your electric and heating bills.

Modern insulation that is correctly installed can dramatically reduce the rate at which the warm air

escapes outdoors. All vents should be clear of obstruction to ensure proper ventilation in the home.

Clean vents mean that no possible contagions, such as mold, are being spread when the air is distributed

in the home. Exterior vents should be free from obstruction and snow to ensure the efficiency of your

heating system.

Stocking up on De-Icing salt.

No one like an icy driveway or sidewalk. Blizzards and other heavy snowfalls means bringing

out the snowblower and shovels. For any lighter conditions de-icing salt works great. Sprinkling it on

your driveway up to your garage and your sidewalks will melt all the snow and more importantly the ice,

helping to keep it away. No more slipping for you or your visitors coming to your home.

Following the tips above, the upcoming winter can be safe, warm, manageable and still energy and cost-

efficient for you and your home.